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180 Cosmetics Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serum + Vitamin C Review

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*

Mandy's Serum & Skin Product Disclosure
I have been a big pusher for using moisturizers for years and years.  But only in the last few years I have been using serums as a regular part of my beauty routine.  I first would use whatever came in my makeup gift-with-purchases but have found that consistent use is key.  As I have been a person using serums for a few years I do not see nor do I expect a big change in my skin's look or texture.  This is a good thing in my opinion.  I am able, when I review a serum, to let you all know how the serum feels, absorbs, and reacts with my skin.  In a month of use I can tell if a serum will work for my skin and hopefully help others. It does normally take a couple months of daily use to see any real impact with fine lines or dark circles/uneven skin tone.  As I already use serums the change would be umch less than a person(like Mr Man) who goes from zero serum/moisturizer use to daily routine.  I will always let you know how long I used the product(sometimes I get a bit behind on posting my reviews) and I will make sure to take a break of over a week between serums or moisturizers so I do not give incorrect info due to a previous product.

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I have been using this 180 Cosmetics Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serum with Vitamin C for almost a month.  I was surprised how thin this Serum is.  I normally will put a couple drops on my right hand and apply on my left or will put some drops on my forehead and cheeks and then smooth on my face.  The first time I ented up making a mess with serum running down my forehead.  BUT what I did notice is how easily it absorbs into my skin.  There is no oil in this serum so I am pretty happy to keep oil off of my face.  My skin has not gotten the memo that topical oils are good.  Also I found the scent to be pleasant and super light.  Like when I tried to figure out the scent it had already disappeared.  This serum I guess due to the lack of oil absorbs into my skin very quickly.  I then follow with my regular moisturizer.

I have been happy with this 180 Cosmetics serum.  It is light enough to use for AM & PM use.  I have not had any reaction to the ingredients.  There are also very few ingredients in this serum.  Just water, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and Benzyl Alcohol.  I do not get the dry tightness after applying this serum.  I would recommend this serum to any adult skin that still is a bit oily or combination skin tones.  Amazon link is found below.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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