Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BEST Foam Roller for Revolutionary Muscle Massage Review

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*
I am here again with another exercise product to review.  This is more for during and After a workout.  This is the Muscle Mauler Max Foam roller. Foam rollers are a great tool to help roll out your stiff muscles during and after a workout.  They can be of varying densities from soft thick pool noodles to hard huge PVC tubes.  I tend to use a medium density solid EVA roller and was wondering how this EVA foam covered tube would compare.

The name foam roller is a bit of a misnomer as it is a textured foam over a solid tube.  This still functions the same way as a traditional foam roller though.  I do like that this roller is two feet long so you can roll out your back or bottom and get support the whole time.  This size is great for transportation as it is lightweight.  I also am happy how well constructed it is.  I am able to toss it in the car and drag it around and the seam of the foam to plastic tube is still well sealed.  I was worried that the foam would be squished and I would only feel the hard tube after several used.  I was pleasantly surprised that there is significant support when putting my full weight on the tube but it still has softness.

I like to use this after working out because my legs get very tight.  I have found some good videos on YouTube that I like and can hit small areas of my hips and legs with the roller to break up any adhesions(tight areas).  You get a sheet of exercises that comes with the roller and also an ebook that is a bit more in depth.  If you have not used one I would recommend watching a few videos or ask a trainer at the gym.  I recommend this roller and hope you can get benefits from it as well.

Well thank you for reading and have a great day!

  • MAX SIZE MEANS MAX COVERAGE - At 24 inch long the MUSCLE MAULER MAX provides maximum coverage for Maximum Pressure Point Muscle Relief.
  • EXTRA FIRM HARD EVA FOAM FOR DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Ideal Equipment For Cross Fitness Training, Running, Pilates, Yoga, P90x, Gym Enthusiasts and Much More.
  • NODULE BUMPY DESIGN - Dual Deep Tissue Pressure Zones let YOU control the pressure and action. Provides increased muscle soreness relief where you need it most including all key areas such as Lower and Upper Back, Neck, Knee, ITB, Quads, Hamstrings, Delts, and Shoulders.
  • WORRY FREE TRAINING! Releases toxins in the muscles pre - workout so you can drive yourself harder and post workout speeds recovery to improve your performance. Also ideal for Sports Injury PREVENTION as well as REHABILITATION

Saturday, June 27, 2015

OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Facial Scrub Review

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Hi there.  I'm back with a new OZ Naturals product to share with you.  Now I have been very honest about my thoughts with their products.  Some I love like ____  and others have not really feemed the best for my skin.

This is their new product.  OZ Naturals Rice scrub facial powder.  I have recently been intrigued by the Tatcha rice powders.  I went to Sephora and was excited to find out what all the fuss was about.  Errrrr.  I totally made a huge mess.  It's not just a powder, but is it a ground rice(duh Mandy) meal/powder so it is a heavy ground meal powder.  Let's just say I had a huge sample in my hand to play with...

Well I found that OZ Naturals Rice powder is AMAZING!  sorry, couldn't wait...

I sifted a smile pile of the rice powder into my hand and added just enough water to make a thin paste.  I massaged the now slightly green/grey paste onto my face in circles.  I then left the stuff on for about 5 minutes to let the enzymes to work their magic.

After rinsing my face clean I was very surprised at how soft my skin felt.  I mean, I take great care of my skin and moisturize, serum, sunscreen daily.  I loved how the enzymes softened my skin.  The feeling lasted for hours without any moisturizer.   I have not had any reactions to this product and will be adding this to my weekly routine.

About the Product
OZ Naturals FACE SCRUB EXFOLIANT utilizes bamboo to gently exfoliate skin and unclog pores without irritation, drying or stripping.
FINALLY A FACIAL SCRUB THAT contains lactic acid and alpha lipoic acid to further help the exfoliation process by breaking down and removing dead skin cells, revealing the glow of healthy skin beneath, and assists in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging from sun damage.
ANOTHER KEY INGREDIENT, green tea extract, is rich in antioxidants and helps to prevent collagen breakdown as well as tone and protect the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals.
THE PRO-VITAMIN B5 IN OUR scrub is readily absorbed by the skin and penetrates deep down, retaining moisture and relieving dry, irritated skin, and Alpha Lipoic Acid provides anti-inflammatory effects reducing redness and blotchiness, shrinking pore size and imparting a healthy radiance to the skin
SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, our bamboo exfoliant is all natural and free of harmful ingredients

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Restful Sleep by Botanyst Review

*I  received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*
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 I have been looking for a nice safe way to fall asleep for months.  Ever since moving back to the States I have been unable to get to sleep and stay asleep.  I have tried Melatonin and have not had any success.  I was able to try out Restful Sleep and hoped this could be the answer.  After spending a few years in East Asia I have gotten great results from traditional eastern medicine.  My detailed review of acupuncture can be read here.  The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbs in this Restful Sleep purport to create a restful mind throughout the day and set you in motion for a great balanced night's sleep.  The supplement states it will restore your chi and balance your body for a better more restful sleep.

Okay, so does it work?  Well... I have been taking this Restful Sleep for a couple weeks now and have not seen much of a difference.  I do make sure to take this with plenty of water as the pills are sizeable.  Now I have not noticed any odd side effects.  So no odd taste in my mouth, sweats, or dizziness.  I am aware that using TCM takes time.  I will update this post once I finish the bottle.

I do have a coupon to get 20% off your order.  Use code:  SAVEREST

You can read more about the doctor and the medicines she develops here at http://www.healthydirections.com/product/restful-sleep/
From the Company 
Restful Sleep provides a gentle, restorative sleep. It doesn’t knock you out like other sleep remedies. Dr. Xu knows that most people can’t sleep because they can’t stop thinking, so she created Restful Sleep to work like an “off switch” to a hyperactive mind. If you’ve have not been sleeping well for years, it may take a short while to achieve great sleep so you use it consistently for best results. Dr. Xu tells her patients to "keep taking Restful Sleep and in a couple of weeks you’ll see that you are sleeping longer and better than you have in years." 

Restful Sleep natural sleep supplement provides the exact herbs your body needs to bring the spleen, heart, and entire body into harmony so you can switch off your mind and turn on a great night’s sleep—without waking up drowsy!

As the popularity of and demand for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and herbal remedies continue to grow throughout the country, Dr. Yan Ping Xu brings to Healthy Directions a passion for healing based on years of experience studying TCM with deep roots that reach as far back as the Ming Dynasty.

Shanghai born and American educated, Dr. Xu is a highly respected and internationally recognized clinician. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist, certified practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and board-certified herbalist. At her state-of-the-art clinic in Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. Xu regularly treats world-famous sports figures, celebrities, politicians, and their families, as well as other doctors and health care professionals.

Monday, June 22, 2015

GLORYFEEL - Omega3 FISHOIL - Burpless and Odorless Review

*I received these in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  this post contains affiliate links.*
I like to take supplements to help me stay in top shape.  Well at least to keep me feeling healthy.  I have taken omega3 fish oil off and on for years.  Well I have had issues like most people with fishy burps ad that can be pretty off putting.  Especially when dating...
Well I have been taking these Gloryfeel Omega3 fish oil pills for several weeks and have been pretty happy.  I find, like most supplements I take, that mid day to evening is the best time to take them.  I have not had any stomach irritation and even better no fishy burps or other fishy smells coming out of my pores.  I asked and as confirmed by Mr Man(after the odd look of 'why') and apparently my forearm smells the same as always.
I hope if you try it out you will find the same results.  Thank you for reading and have a great day!
  • IMPROVED ABSORPTION & RELIEF FROM THE DISAGREEABLE FISHY AROMA: In order to increase your absorption rate of the essential fatty acids, we have added an enteric coating to our fish oil pills. This coating also takes care of the fishy aftertaste the fish oil products are often known for. Therefore, now it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a omega 3 fish oil supplement without any fishy burps.
  • MOLECULAR DISTILLATION TO ENSURE A HIGH-LEVEL OF PURITY: Gloryfeel fish oil is dedicated to conform with, and even exceed all accuracy standards with regards to its purity and label. Molecular distillation method has been used to purify our fish oil. Unlike many other purification techniques, this method eliminates PCBs, heavy metals, and other toxins to a level that is safe for human consumption
  • 60- 120 Day's Supply with each pack: Each bottle of Gloryfeel fish oil comprises of 120 capsules. Based on one or two capsules per day, this will last for anything between 60 to 120 days.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: You can trust us for the purity of product, its projected competence, safety of the ingredients used, accuracy of the label, and the product's value as a nutrient. Quality that can be trusted without any doubt whatsoever!!!
  • OPTIMIZATION: Each serving of Gloryfeel fish oil contains 2000mg Fish Oil (1,400mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 600mg DHA + 800 mg EPA). Compared to many other popular brands, the quantity of important Omega-3s offered by our product is three to four times higher. Many renowned experts recommend Omega 3 as the most efficient single supplement for the human body. Each single serving of our product offers you the recommended daily dose of 600 mg DHA. Helps support healthy heart, brain, joints, vision, skin, and vascular health. May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Silicone Wine Glasses with Pouch Bottle Review

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*
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  • I have been having too much fun with this review.  I have wanted to try out some unbreakable wine glasses.  We like to go to outdoor public music events and it can be a bit of a struggle to get plastic cups for wine and worrying about a wine bottle that can tip over, try to open with a portable corkscrew, & going places that don't allow glass can be a challenge.  Well Moichef is here to rescue me.  
I got the set quickly from Amazon.  I was a little worried about how squishy the cups are.  They are silicone afterall.  I love that I just put them on the top part of my dishwasher and they were ready fur use.  You know what I never use in my house?  Handwashing stuff.  Just doesn't happen.  I tried using these 'glasses' out and after a couple minutes I was hooked.  I love that these glasses are squishable for travel and storage.  

I found that filling the moichef silicone glasses to just over the top of the printing on the cup gives you the best balance for drinking.  The narrow opening is no problem because when I bring the cups to my mouth I can squeeze slightly and get the mouth opening perfect.  

I also love the reusable wine bottle.  Perfect for poolside or parkside.  no glass and I was happy that the seal in the cap is secure for travel.  It takes a bit of wiggling to get the wine in the bottle but I got it without spilling a drop.  I even figured out what the little hole is for.  Please see the quick video to see how I used it to Mcgyver myself a refill.  

I recommend these silicone wine glasses and pouch bottle and hope you will too! Well thank you for reading and have a great day.  

  • #moichef
From the Company
  • WINE GLASSES WITHOUT THE BRITTLENESS; enjoy the look and feel of wine glasses without the risk of ever breaking one. Silicone wine glasses are shutter-proof and will never crack, stain or deform.
  • STYLISHLY AWESOME; silicone wine glasses have simply impressive design. The shape is great for easy handling while the awesome 12-ounce capacity makes them great for serving wines, beer or soda at any outdoor event.
  • UNIQUELY VERSATILE; the silicone wine glass are good for almost anything. Besides serving drinks and cocktails, pop them in the freezer to make icy drinks and deserts; or in the microwave to make some sweet dessert treats.
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE; fold, bend or collapse the silicone wine glasses during use or storage but they'll remain unbreakable. You can even shove one into your pocket but they're much better off stored together in the stylish pouch.
  • EASY TO CLEAN; with their non-stick finish washing up is a breeze. They're dishwasher safe, but you can also hand wash them just as easily to rid them of any odors from previous uses. Complete with 30-day money back guarantee. 

  • #moichef

Friday, June 19, 2015

JoyfulZen Hot Yoga Towel Review

 *I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*
I am always on the lookout for a great yoga and workout towel.  I am proudly of central European descent, but unfortunately I do not 'glisten' when exercising.  I need something to help keep me from slipping with my sweating hands and feet.  Not just in yoga and pilates but also for pushups in sculpting.  I also like to just use the gym yoga mats instead of dragging my own from home.  Using this Joyful Zen Yoga Towel lets me bring a multi use item that is lighter and easier to transport than my yoga or pilates mats.

I took this mat to Barre class.  Love the classes/hate the lack of clean mats.  I love that this towel is oversized and soft to the touch.  The color is a soft dusty blue with a bright green hem.  I did notice that there is not a hanging loop for this towel.  I will be using this towel promamry as a yoga workout towel and not a travel towel so I have no problem with this.  I have been using this towel for almost a month which it has gotten many washes.  I have not had any threads unraveling.  I like that this Joyful Zen sports towel is able to stand up to my workouts and does a great job of keeping my hands and feet from slipping.  I do find that for yoga I wet my hands and feet lightly before doing my poses.

Well thank you for reading and have a great day!

BackPack In A Pocket Review

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*
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Today I want to let you know about a great lightweight little travel product.  It's not a bag or a suitcase.  It's just a backpack in a pocket!  I was excited to receive this Backpack in a Pocket because I was about to head out for vacation in the Smokies.  I used to go with my family every year but now just get up there less often.  We always go for day walks in the national park and a few walks in town that become major shopping excursions.

This backpack comes in two colors on Amazon and is make up of ripstop nylon.  I took the proactive step of spraying it with Scotchgard.  You learn the hard way to not forget to use Scotchguard on a camping trip and so I like to use it whenever as a proactive measure.  This bag had some reflective stripes for safety and an outer zippered pocket for convenience.

I tossed this pocket sized pack in the car and found several times to use it during the week.  I think this pack is perfect for day hikes/walks.  Whenever I head to the mountains I either start or end up cold so I have learned to bring a light jacket.  I also like to carry a water, bug spray, lip balm, ID, and snack crackers.  Well you can see that This all can add up to just too much for carrying in my pockets.  Well the Backpack in a Pocket is perfect to carry around that stuff and leave you hands free while wandering around.  then when I have finished my water and snack and am wearing my jacket I was able to stuff the backpack back into its integrated pocket and clip it to my jacket.  I found it to be well balanced for a light backpack and worked great.

I wish I had this lightweight pack a couple weeks ago when hitting a state park with my BFF and her 4 yo daughter.  natalie is adorable when she insists that she can carry her own little backpack but about the time you realize it's too far to run back to the car she realizes she can't carry that bag another step.  I found out the hard way that a tiny kid backpack is just not wearable for an adult.  I would have loved to have this handy backpack to stuff her little bag into and then enjoy the rest of my walk.

I like that this backpack has lightly padded straps that are adjustable for comfort.  It is not a super sturdy backpack for a month in South East Asia, but it is a great portable pack to take along in your car for many uses.

Well thank you for reading and have a great day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Target Beauty Box Giveaway! #TuneofJune Giveaway Hop

Winner picks two boxes as prize!
As part of the Hopping to the Tune of June giveaway hop I am giving away not one but TWO Target beauty boxes and you have the chance to win your choice of the following boxes:  

Target Spring Beauty Box 2015 #hoppinglife
BOX A:  Spring Target Beauty Box worth $38 includes a Maybelline lipstick/gloss(really nice and pigmented) Full Size L'Oreal makeup setter spray, Neutrogena HydroBoost sample, Shea Moisture shampoo, and TRESemme hairspray.
Target Beauty Box for Her Summer 2015  #hoppinglife

BOX B:  Summer Target beauty Box worth $40  This box includes a pink shade of Sinful Colors nail polish, Frederic Fekkai solar hair mist, a FULL size Oil of Olay eye defense, Revlon lipstick, & Cutex individually wrapped nail polish remover pads.  

BOX C:  Men's Summer Target Beauty Box worth $20 This box includes a Gillette Fusion razor, Axe hair products, Dove+Man Care shampoo, and a Tongue scraper.

I have had fun receiving these beauty boxes from Target because it is nice to know exactly(with some color variations) what you are getting in your beauty box and you can choose if it is something worth it for you.

I have opened up these boxes just for the giveaway to show you what you can choose as there are some color variations.
Please come back every day for more entries and Good Luck!

Target Beauty Box Giveaway Hopping to the Tune of June Giveaway Hop
Tune of June
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Hosted by
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Each blogger participating in this hop has a giveaway with a prize value of at least $15 – and some are much more than that! Be sure to scroll down the whole list and visit them all – there is no limit to how many prizes you can win! Good Luck and Have Fun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Target Subscription Boxes

Summer 2015 Target beauty Box for Her  #hoppinglife
I have been very happy with the Target boxes that have arrived in my mailbox.  Target has boxes that are a bit different than normal subscription boxes.  They do not have a set subscription and shipping dates and you can not just sign up and continue to receive.  You purchase as they become available.  And, boy do they sell out fast!

Target Nature Box Winter 2014
One of my favorite things about these boxes is that you know what you are going to get when you purchase them.  there are a couple color variations and some specific products may vary from a brand, like a hair mist instead of a dry shampoo by the same brand, but basically what you see in the picture is what you will get.  You dont have to worry about getting a pile of foil packet shampoos and perfumes(not that there is necessarily anything wrong with this) For the most part these products are either big travel sizes or full size products.  The boxes come quickly and you get a card with information about each product.  You even get a $3 coupon to Target to use on cosmetics, hair, or skincare!

The boxes become available quarterly for the Ladies boxes and a couple times for the men's box.  there was even a women's nature box last winter which was amazing!

The cost ranges from $5-10 per box and the value has been pretty great.  These are some of the boxes that I have received in the past.

The best way to find out when they release a new box is to subscribe to the Target Style Facebook page.
The target.com link is Here or you can search Target Beauty Box on their website.
Summer Target Beauty Box for Him 2015 #hoppinglife
Spring Target beauty Box for Her 2015 #hoppinglife

Well thank you for reading and have a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Advanced Oral Probiotics by Great Oral Health Review

*I received this product in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.  This post contains an affiliate link.*
  • #oralprobiotics
I am a fan of probiotics.  I have found my insides to be so much happier when there is a balance of good bacteria in my body.  I was intrigued when asked to try out this bottle of oral probiotics.  At first I thought they were regular probiotics for digestive health.  NOPE.  These Great Oral Health probiotics are made FOR your mouth not your stomach or GI tract.  Ohhh Kayyyy  This probiotic is meant to ward off and fix chronic halitosis(bad breath).  Well I don't have a huge problem that I'm aware of but having been in face to face customer service I have always been very aware of my breath and trying to make sure it is pleasant and not noticable.  I sure wish everyone was quite as thoughtful as me...

Well I decided to try out the Strawberry-Vanilla flavor(it also comes in Mint)  I chewed one i the morning and one at night after brushing.  I would wait until the minty taste in my mouth disappeared.  I was pleasantly surprised that it is not a chalky tablet like a anti-heartburn chewable.  I chewed the small tablet and it does have a creamy strawberry taste that is almost nutty in taste as well; almost like a powdered creamer.  After about 30 seconds I did not notice anything left in my mouth.  I have been good about taking a pill AM  & PM for over two weeks now.  

So does it work?  I really think so!  The first week I would forget about remembering to think about my breath and if it was bad or good(I know very non-meta) But after a week I realized that I was not having odd times where I suspected that bad breath had creeped up on me.  I did make a concerted effort to think about mid day the second week if I had any filmy bad breath germs and I really didn't seem to.  I even did the lick-the -back-of-your-hand-and-smell-it-30-seconds-later test and am happy to report back that my breath is coming up fresh!  Now I just need to figure out a way to offer it to a couple major breath offenders in my life...

The mix of probiotics does have some of the regular known probiotics like L-Bacillus in yogurt and others.  I guess any probiotics that make their way into your stomach will only fight for good and not evil so you should be safe from worry there.  Please ckick the link below to find out more information on their Amazon.com page.  

Well thank you for reading and have a great day.  

From the Company
  • ALL NATURAL BREATH AND GUM TREATMENT: The primary cause of bad breath are the sulfurous gases produced by "bad" bacteria overgrowth in the mouth-primarily lodged in the tongue and gums. Our oral probiotics are blended to tame the "bad" bacteria and restore a healthy bacterial balance in your mouth. While brushing and the use of a tongue scraper produces temporary results, ADDING our probiotics can deliver the lasting results you have been searching for.

  • #oralprobiotics