Friday, February 6, 2015

Your Weigh Adjustable Wrist Weights review

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes 

I really like these wrist weights!  They are the right size for adding a little boost to your workouts.   The weights are soft and flexible with little beady things as the filler weight and soft material on the outside.   They have a long strip of velcro so they can be adjusted for any size wrist.   I have a normal sized wrist so I had plenty of extra velcro for adjustment.  Mr Man tried them on and he had more than enough room to put these on comfortably.
At one lb. each they add just enough to your wrist to make you feel your daily workout.  As I go for my walks I am more conscious to move my arms to make my walk more impactful.  They are not so heavy that I end up putting them on my pockets half way through my run/jog/walk like I have previously with 3 lb weights.  I am surprised that even though they are light I still feel it the next day a bit.  I know that I will continue to use these weights daily throughout my New Years Resolution exercise routine! You can get these now on Amazon at the great price of   $23.99.  Not super inexpensive, but priced so you will make sure to get your money's worth.  I hope you do!  
Your Weigh Adjustable wrist weights
  • STRENGTH TRAINING - Wrist/Ankle weights aerobic workout equipment provides resistance, to promote more calorie burn during exercise resulting in accelerated weight loss and increased muscle tone.
  • TRIPLE YOUR EFFORTS - Make the most of your fitness workout routine by targeting both upper and lower body along with fat burning aerobic exercise
  • COMFORTABLE FIT - Fits up to 7 1/2" diameter wrist/ankle. Strong velcro enclosure strap surrounds a stretchable neoprene band providing a comfortable secure cushion for your wrist or ankle.
  • SAFE - 1 pound wrist/ankle weights are sufficient to enhance muscle tone and increase workout equipment results without muscle strain.
  • EASY CARE - Wipe with DAMP cloth or soft brush.
Thanks for reading my review and have a great day!