Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Target Subscription Boxes

Summer 2015 Target beauty Box for Her  #hoppinglife
I have been very happy with the Target boxes that have arrived in my mailbox.  Target has boxes that are a bit different than normal subscription boxes.  They do not have a set subscription and shipping dates and you can not just sign up and continue to receive.  You purchase as they become available.  And, boy do they sell out fast!

Target Nature Box Winter 2014
One of my favorite things about these boxes is that you know what you are going to get when you purchase them.  there are a couple color variations and some specific products may vary from a brand, like a hair mist instead of a dry shampoo by the same brand, but basically what you see in the picture is what you will get.  You dont have to worry about getting a pile of foil packet shampoos and perfumes(not that there is necessarily anything wrong with this) For the most part these products are either big travel sizes or full size products.  The boxes come quickly and you get a card with information about each product.  You even get a $3 coupon to Target to use on cosmetics, hair, or skincare!

The boxes become available quarterly for the Ladies boxes and a couple times for the men's box.  there was even a women's nature box last winter which was amazing!

The cost ranges from $5-10 per box and the value has been pretty great.  These are some of the boxes that I have received in the past.

The best way to find out when they release a new box is to subscribe to the Target Style Facebook page.
The target.com link is Here or you can search Target Beauty Box on their website.
Summer Target Beauty Box for Him 2015 #hoppinglife
Spring Target beauty Box for Her 2015 #hoppinglife

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  1. These are really neat I like that they have some really awesome products in them!!