Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BEST Foam Roller for Revolutionary Muscle Massage Review

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*
I am here again with another exercise product to review.  This is more for during and After a workout.  This is the Muscle Mauler Max Foam roller. Foam rollers are a great tool to help roll out your stiff muscles during and after a workout.  They can be of varying densities from soft thick pool noodles to hard huge PVC tubes.  I tend to use a medium density solid EVA roller and was wondering how this EVA foam covered tube would compare.

The name foam roller is a bit of a misnomer as it is a textured foam over a solid tube.  This still functions the same way as a traditional foam roller though.  I do like that this roller is two feet long so you can roll out your back or bottom and get support the whole time.  This size is great for transportation as it is lightweight.  I also am happy how well constructed it is.  I am able to toss it in the car and drag it around and the seam of the foam to plastic tube is still well sealed.  I was worried that the foam would be squished and I would only feel the hard tube after several used.  I was pleasantly surprised that there is significant support when putting my full weight on the tube but it still has softness.

I like to use this after working out because my legs get very tight.  I have found some good videos on YouTube that I like and can hit small areas of my hips and legs with the roller to break up any adhesions(tight areas).  You get a sheet of exercises that comes with the roller and also an ebook that is a bit more in depth.  If you have not used one I would recommend watching a few videos or ask a trainer at the gym.  I recommend this roller and hope you can get benefits from it as well.

Well thank you for reading and have a great day!

  • MAX SIZE MEANS MAX COVERAGE - At 24 inch long the MUSCLE MAULER MAX provides maximum coverage for Maximum Pressure Point Muscle Relief.
  • EXTRA FIRM HARD EVA FOAM FOR DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Ideal Equipment For Cross Fitness Training, Running, Pilates, Yoga, P90x, Gym Enthusiasts and Much More.
  • NODULE BUMPY DESIGN - Dual Deep Tissue Pressure Zones let YOU control the pressure and action. Provides increased muscle soreness relief where you need it most including all key areas such as Lower and Upper Back, Neck, Knee, ITB, Quads, Hamstrings, Delts, and Shoulders.
  • WORRY FREE TRAINING! Releases toxins in the muscles pre - workout so you can drive yourself harder and post workout speeds recovery to improve your performance. Also ideal for Sports Injury PREVENTION as well as REHABILITATION


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