Thursday, August 13, 2015

Knork Flatware Review *Spoiler Alert* I Love Them!

* received these in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.*
Knorks are awesome!

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I just want to tell Everyone about this great set of silverware.  I have actually known about this for almost a decade.  I do not know how the Knork is not a household name yet.  It is simply the best daily flatware I have ever used!  I came across the Knork many years ago at a Catering convention in Vegas.  I was walking down the convention aisles filling my belly and bag with some of the most amazing food(you have to eat smart at these things, not eat everything) when I came across the Knork booth.  The reps were super nice and friendly.  They gave me quite a few samples of the silverware and their disposable Knorks line.  I got a 5 piece place setting and I had apparently given my info to the sales rep because he sent me a couple additional place settings in the mail a week or so later.  I was not able to use them for work as we had our items sourced by contract; but I put the three settings in my drawer at home and used them as my main silverware for years.  I just laid them on top of my regular silverware.  I loved them and when I had just one or two guests for a meal I would use them and they always commented on how nice they looked and how perfectly weighty they were.  Not to mention how well the smooth fork could cut like a knife.  Unfortunately I misplaced them in an international move and have missed them up until today.

Well, how are these Knorks so amazing? You ask.

This silverware is just the nicest most balanced silverware.  Holding the silverware is great for large and smaller hands(not sure about kiddie sized hands).    They  come in a matte finish like I have, a polished look, or a combination of both.  The silverware is heavy yet sits easily in your hand.  The dinner and salad forks have a nice rounded tines.  The tines(pokey parts) are able to stab and grip your food.  Some oversized silverware has a real problem with this.  The knife is non serrated and not sharp, so it is safe at the family table but it does a great job of cutting.  The spoons are also good sizes for soup and cereal.  The spoon face is deeper so it is more comfortable for eating.  Trust me, if you try these you will understand immediately.  The spoons are even strong enough because of the design to scoop out the hardest ice cream from the container to your bowl(or belly).

The best aspect of the Knork is well  the Knork itself.  It is a fork that doubles as a knife.  But the edge is so soft and rounded that you can not tell that it is powerful when you handle it or when putting it into your mouth.

Light lunch at home?  All you need is a Knork

I used my 3 sets for more than 6 years almost everyday and they held up great; until the day I lost them...  I believe from the website that there are two metal styles.  18/0 & 18/10 Stainless Steel and blend.  Do make sure to clean your Knork silverware as normal but make sure to not use a citrus scented detergent when cleaning.  If you do you may get a stain spot or little rust type spot.  If you do just wash it with soap and rub off any marks.  Also make sure that you dry your Knork silverware after you clean it.

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Knorks also come in an assortment of disposables for picnics, catering, and to go cutlery.  The disposables come in different strengths also but I remember that all the Knorks I tried out years ago were sturdy and stylish.  On the website I see that there is an even greater variety and they now carry steak knives and serving pieces too so you can have a complete set for home.  This would make a great set if you are in the market for an upgrade or are starting your first apartment.  Gone are the days of having to use a knife and fork to eat your pizza. A Knork is all you need.

Well thank you for reading and have a great day!

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