Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wow so yea....first blog

Hi there.  I was one of those people who always said that I would never post on a blog, let alone write one up myself.  But here I am....posting.

Okay.  Well I never really said I would never post on a blog.  The thought never really occured to me. But when I would hear me friend-ish friends talking about working on theirs I would have to use every fiber of my being to not roll my eyes like a teenager.  I mean I just thought of them as open diaries where people were so self absorbed that they thought their ramblings were insightful.  I had read a page or two of some of them.  They were not insightful.  Or maybe the friend-ish friends just did not realize that reading about someone's experience on watching paint dry is far more boring than actually watching paint dry.    Side note- I have painted a house and you will actually enjoy those paint dry rest breaks.  I hate that paint drying gets such a bad rap.  Of course it could have been the fumes from the Killz.  That stuff is strong...

Eww.  That sounded bloggy.  sorry

Right.  Well I then moved to Korea and suddenly had a whole lot of time on my hands.  I have a passion for travel, a love of beauty products,  and a mild serious addiction to free stuff.  In order to get information on travel in South East Asia and Korea my web searches would point me towards blogs for information.   And holy moley, they can hold a lot of really useful knowledge!  oh, and a lot of self absorbed drivel.  but you gotta sort the wheat from the chaff I guess.  There are food blogs on eating non-Korean food in Korea which is a lifesaver!  It is only on blogs that you can really find information and good directions to find these gems in the culinary wasteland that is Korea.  You can also find great vacation spots and trip ideas from blogs.  And it is only due to bloggers that got myself and a few friends to visit Haeshindang Park. (you will have to look that one up if you are wondering. NSFW)

Then I discovered BzzAgent.  Oh my!  All the free stuff addictions that I had been repressing for 2 years while living in Korea suddenly reared its ugly head.  I hate that I would have to pass by an entry box because I could not participate or I would not get the sample gifts simply because I am a foreigner.  So I knew I would be back home for the summer and signed up for BzzAgent.  This was like a gateway drug.  It led to Influenster, Crowdtap, Chick Advisor and more.  So now I am pretty active on these review sites which leads me to where I am today.  Blogging.

I hope to be informative in my coming posts.  A lot of review posts with travel, beauty, and food sprinkled throughout.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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