Sunday, September 28, 2014

Influenster Post and what are VoxBoxes?

So as I have been finding new ways to find products I stumbled upon Influenster.  Your first thought is, well what is Influenster?

So glad you asked. 

Influenster is a company that companies work with to get their products into the hands of people like me who will spread the(hopefully good) word about their products.  Companies will give Influenster sample and full size products with the desired demographic needs.  Influenster will then in turn bundle several of these items into a theme and then send them out in VoxBoxes to people who fit the demographics.  It allows companies to quickly connect with their target audience in a way that will spread the word quickly.  Companies would rather pay a middleman to get their product into the correct hands.  To me it seems like a smart way to spend marketing dollars.  We the VoxBox receivers in turn will get these awesome goodies FREE.  Okay, well, they do want us to review the items and spread the word through social media channels and reviews on their website and sometimes Amazon.  You are not forced to.  I mean there will not be a corporate goon arriving on your door to kick you in the shins if you don't review.  But I am assuming that if you do nothing you will not be invited to get another VoxBox from them.  After getting your first VoxBox I am sure you will, like I did, want to get your hands on another post haste.  The brands in your VoxBox will have other giveaways, Twitter parties, and challenges to win even more cool stuff and that just drives more views and interactions with the brands.

If you have not you should look at the website.  On the main page you can also see that a member can post about other products, brands, destinations, and other fun stuff.  They recently updated their website and I am still adjusting to the change but I think I have gotten the hang of it and am looking forward to my next #VoxBox!  They of course have Twitter, a YouTube channel, and Facebook page to give you this and more information on that Influenster is all about.  You can put in as little or as much time and effort into this website.  Just try it out and have fun.

Not my VoxBox, bit it will give you an idea of the goodies inside.  
Another awesome VoxBox that is from a campaign before I joined.  How cool!

My 1st VoxBox!!!  Happy Happy.  I now know to get more pictures and frame it better.  Live and learn.
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  1. Influenster has some really great boxes! I look forward to them. They have so many nice goodies.