Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crowdtap Advil Sample & Share I got a Sample & Share pack from Advil and I wanted to post about it

 Advil® Film-Coated - #FastAdvil #Sponsored

                                                    Advil Film-Coated 
Through Crowdtap I was given a kit about the latest advance in pain relief by Advil
Advil® Film-Coated for faster pain relief than ever before.  Well okay, we will see about that.

My kit included the following items:
  • 8 2-count samples of Advil® Film-Coated
  • Sampling Instructions
  • 4 Coupons 
I had hoped to have a lovely display of the package opening but I was not the one to get the mail that
 day so the pic is less than artistic... But hey, he did remember to take a picture so there is that...*facepalm*
I gave a couple to Mr Man to take to work and share and I handed out the rest on my end.  Mr Man
 has heel pain issues so he has to ice his foot regularly after workouts.  I told him to try this out next 
time and let me know how it worked.  He said that he was happy to get back to work soon after taking
 the  Advil® Film-Coated pills and gave a pack to his co-worker to try.  

I handed out my packs and coupons and my friends who said that this will come in handy soon enough.  I also
let them now I got these samples through Crowdtap and what Crowdtap is all about.  If you want a $3.00 off 
coupon for Advil® Film-Coated just go to their main page HERE
Thank you again Advil® Film-Coated and Crowdtap!

 I received free samples of Advil® Film-Coated in exchange for a sample review.
 The opinion expressed in this blog is solely my own and has not been influenced by any third party.  

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