Sunday, November 2, 2014

Influenster #SurfsUp VoxBox

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I received these products for testing and review purposes, compliments of Influenster.

So I am finally posting about my first VoxBox I got it free this summer from Influenster. When it arrived I was surprised that I got so many products! It was like a fun late birthday present. Influenster wanted me to try out the products and let them know what I think. Some products wanted to be reviewed on Amazon and I sent a report to Influenster for some of the products.

 The first item that I looked at was the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration after sun lotion. I really liked this product. It was not sticky or slimy going on. The lotion quickly absorbed into my skin. I remember years ago hearing that you should not use a thick lotion after getting sun. I think because it kinda acts like an insulator. Not sure if that is at all true but I always do try for more of a lotion and less of a thick cream for after sun. Well this after sun lotion is nice and smooth, it goes on easily and absorbs quickly. I love the light scent as it reminds me of the sun so it keeps the feeling of being at the beach going. I am not sure about using this for an everyday product but I really enjoyed it for after sun use.

 The next item I tried was the First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief. I was not sure of the results. I took it the day after a rough workout that left me super sore. I thought the taste was ok not amazing but definitely not a bad flavor. It seemed to do the trick as my aches were lessened within 20 minutes. I am very glad it worked. I am not sure about the price though. But I would probably get a few if on sale to keep at work.

 I also tried out the Sinful Colors nail polish in Aqua. At first I was unsure if I would like the polish. It goes on a lot thinner than I am used to in nail polishes. But oh my gosh the color lasts! I used three coats and after a week I did not have any chipping. This never happens with my nails. Eventually the polish was wearing off on the ends but that was due to my harsh wear and tear on my hands. I liked the aqua color for summer and it was a great polish for pedicures. I plan on getting some more colors for my hands to wear too.

 I got a coupon for a free at home smoothie kit from Jamba Juice. I really love getting a Jamba Juice but as they are not near my neighborhood I love that they are now at my local Publix to make on my own. I got the Mango-a-go-go to blend at home. I thought the flavor was the same at home that I made as when I go to a Jamba Juice store. I also got a coupon for money off my next one and tried the Caribbean Passion and made an adult version. Still tasty

The last item I received to try for free was the Covergirl Bombshell Curvacious by Lashblast Mascara.  Wow, that was a mouthful.  I am pretty particular with my mascaras as I have the worst trouble with racoon eyes after an hour. This mascara did stay on my lashes so that is great and made me happy. The issues I have are that first the tube is HUGE. I mean really something that I can not throw in my purse or make-up bag. The other problem that I had was my lash tips would brush together and snag every so often. I made sure to put on a light coat but that apparently did not help. I will continue to work on a thinner application as I do like that it does not run.


Well you can see from all this wonderful stuff that I am hooked, hooked, hooked on Influenster.  I just got another Voxbox and will post soon to tell you all about it.

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