Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shandali Hot Yoga Towel Review

  • No. 1 Rated Hot Yoga Towel from #shandali

I received this hot yoga towel quickly in the mail and I am happy I did!  I have been taking Bikram or hot yoga off(mostly off) and on for about 4 years.  I recently got back into group practice and I have used this towel every other day for the past 3 weeks.  I normally bring a big beach towel or rent a yoga towel from the studio.  Not having a towel is not an option for me!  I am one of those people that look like a drowned rat after 90 minutes of Bikram torture practice.
When I got the towel in the mail I really liked the soft pink color and liked that it was a match for the picture shown on  But what I really liked was the size!  This Hot Yoga Towel is really big at 24"x72".  It stretches about an inch over each end of my yoga mat and about a half inch on either side.  Which is great if you are like me and want to try to contain your body and sweat in your personal space.  I feel like my yoga mat and towel are my safe zones when there are dozens of people all around you panting and dripping with sweat themselves.
I found this towel to be better than my beach towel in keeping me from slipping in my poses.  I do find I need to lightly dampen the ends where my feet will be when doing standing poses.  This helps suction my feet to the ground to keep from slipping.  I have to dampen all my towels for Bikram or Vinyasa yoga so I was not surprised that I did the same with this towel. I was able to focus on my pose instead of how to keep my feet from slipping and found that this has allowed for deeper stretches into my poses.  I liked that this towel kept soaking up my sweat and by the end of standing poses was still able to keep my grip.  This does not happen with regular towels for me.

I have washed this towel after every practice(I would think everyone does this) and the color has stayed.  Because I have been using this towel so frequently I have been tossing it in with every load and no matter the wash temp or setting the towel has not bled or faded.  The stitching on the edges has not snagged or frayed at all.  Another plus is that this towel has remained nice and soft  I also like the round Shandali design in the corner.  Finally, because it does not have the grips on the bottom of the towel it can also be used as a bathsheet, blanket, cover, or towel!  So many uses and at a great price of $24.99 you don't have to break the bank to buy one.  Very zen indeed!

You can get this towel in four colors:  Pink, Grey, Violet, or Placid Blue
#1 Rated Hot Yoga Towel from #Shandali
---Product Description---
#1 Rated Hot Yoga Towel - Mat-Sized, Microfiber, Super Absorbent, Anti-slip, Injury Free, 24" x 72" - Best Bikram Yoga Towel - Exercise, Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga Gear; Lifetime Guarantee

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SAVES YOU MONEY: Extends the life of your yoga mat by creating a hygienic layer between you and your mat. Survives countless washings (cost-savings)!
HASSLE-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please return your Shandali GoSweat for a no-questions asked, full refund.
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  1. Replies
    1. Bikram is not my personal favorite but it gets the job done! Thanks for reading.

  2. What a great review! I really need to get this towel!

  3. I've been thinking of starting Yoga. I'll make sure to grab this yoga towel! Thank you

    1. Yea. This towel is great for a beginner as well as seasoned yogis. When doing different classes you will find which positions you need anti-slip assistance with. This towel can work for any temperature yoga. It is also great if you use shared yoga mats. Wiping down a mat is good, but when you are laying there and sweating you will find out that a lot of mats are so porous that a quick wipe will not get all the sweat off of the mat.

  4. I love the colour, it looks soft and comfy.....

    1. Yea the color is great. It is a little brighter than a dusty rose. But it is not so bright that it will distract and annoy other members in a group class setting. I sometimes have a hard time focusing and any bright or flashy object will pull my attention away. This is totally my issue but I do try to not stand out in class.

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