Saturday, November 29, 2014

How Subscription Boxes Saved Christmas

Okay.  Maybe that title is a tad dramatic.  But really this year is the year that the gifter AND receiver will be surprised.  I have the hardest time shopping for family now that everyone is an adult.  These days there are boxes for everyone from toddlers to terriers available in every price range.  Once you start looking I am sure you will find something for yourself or loved one.

 There are referral links for all these boxes so feel free to click through to each website to browse.

Try Bespoke Post Here
 I refuse to just get my brother a Brooks Brothers gift card for Christmas and do actually want him to have something he will enjoy.  Well this year I decided to get him a box from Bespoke Post  This is a subscription box for the Brooks Brother set.  You have the option of getting a monthly subscription for $45 a month or you can look at some of their still available boxes and get them for $55 each.  The items are high quality and well organized.  I decided to get my brother one of the currently available boxes so I know already what the items will be.  They also have a store to purchase from as well.  Right Now for Black Friday Sales they are including a mini mystery box worth at least $45 for free with any $45+ order.  Sounds like I might have this and next year's presents already taken care of. ;)    Feel free to use my link to browse and shop.  If it seems like it might work for one of the men in your life I do not think that he will be disappointed.

Try the World
I asked my father what he wanted for gifts and he said he does not really need anything.  It's true he really does not have anything I can think of in terms of wants or needs.  He just gets anything himself that he needs.  So after looking around I decided to get him a subscription to Try the World.  This is a bi-monthly gourmet food box that I hope he can enjoy.  Out of all the food boxes out there I think this will appeal to him most.  Right Now for Black Friday Sales When you start a subscription you will get an additional free Holiday Box.  So if you just want to try the new month box, Paris, then you get an additional one. It seems like a perfect city because I know he loves Paris.  I will probably keep the subscription going until a location comes up that he would not enjoy.  Click my link if you think this might work for someone in your life.  I could see myself getting something like this to expand my pantry too.  Bi-monthly boxes at $39 or less depending on the number of months you sign up for.
Try Bulu Box Here

I needed a little stocking stuffer type of gift and came across this nifty little Bulu Box for the health conscious one in your life.  Right Now for Black Friday Weekend Sales you can get 3 months of boxes for just $10 with code:  Wowzas!  Thats it, ten bucks.  Now these are almost all sample assortments of sports nutrition with some fitness extras thrown in.  You get 4-5 deluxe samples and when you review them on their link you get credits back.  So if you review all the products in your box you get up to $10 back, or the price of the box.  I'm not  sure how long I will keep this box, but if the recipient is happy after three months I may keep it going.  But really $10 for 3 months of boxes.  Seems like the best stocking stuffer gift for the athlete in your life.  Oh, I almost forgot.  You choose which assortment box you want; Regular or Diet.

Try PopSugar Here
So that just leaves one more real larger gift that I have to get for a family member. I had purchased the PopSugar Must have Special Edition Neiman Marcus box thinking I would be able to gift a couple items but after looking at it I realized that anything I gave would be promptly re-gifted or donated to charity.  I was crushed.  I vowed to not purchase another box or start a subscription to PopSugar...until the Black Friday sale was posted....  Right Now for Black Friday Weekend Sales you can get $15(GIFT15), $25(GIFT25), or $75(GIFT75) off a subscription to their monthly Must have box.  *doh* so now a 6 month subscription for a $39 a month box is down to $139!  I couldn't not get it.  What I will end up doing is gifting the first month's box as a christmas present.

I have recently purchased a LootCrate gift for a friend.  We were blown away by the items and theme!  Look HERE for the review.  I recommend this box highly for any gamer or geek in your life.  Each theme is given ahead of time so you can decide if it might appeal to you or someone you know.  Prices are about $19 including shipping and they ship worldwide.  Right Now Cyber Monday Sale Extended Through 12/2!  $5 off if you use code:  CYBERMONDAY

Well I hope this has given you some inspiration for the hard-to-shop-for person in your life.   There is no guarantee how long these sales will last.  I'm sure there will be sales of some sort on Cyber Monday and leading up to Christmas. Good luck and happy holidays!!! 

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