Saturday, November 29, 2014

Youphoria Sport Towel Review

I received this sport towel from Youphoria to try out.  I really like the color and feel of this sport towel.  I have found many uses for it in the last few weeks.  I like that it is large enough for travel use but very soft and the right size for a heavy workout.  I have been using this towel for aerobics and Yoga.  I like how absorbing and lightweight this towel is.  It is large but not at all bulky.  It also comes with a hanging hook in the middle if the towel so it can hang and dry quickly without dragging on the floor like a corner hanger would.  
  • I was able to use this towel for my hands for Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga.  I like to do yoga in a warm room and I always have a hard time with slipping.  This towel helps out and does double duty in keeping me sweat free.  For aerobics classes I sweat a lot and I mean A Lot!  This towel was great for helping me not look like a drowned rat after class.  I can also use it for toweling off and it does a good job as a hair drying towel.  I have gobs of long hair so this towel really helps to cut down dryer time.  This Youphoria sport and travel towel comes with a half mesh bag so it will come in handy for packing when you want to take it along for travel or camping.  It is nice and compact so it will not take up much room and dries a lot faster than a regular terry towel so you do not have to worry about packing it wet with your bags.  When you are traveling in hot & humid/damp locations mildew is a constant issue and having items that can dry fast is a must!  I hope you go and check out this Youphoria sport & travel towel.  They come in three sizes so you can pick one to fit your budget and your needs.

MAXIMIZE SPACE AND PACK MORE: The Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is extremely light-weight and compact and is the ULTIMATE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE TOWEL. The compact design enables you to conveniently pack and take it anywhere! These towels pack 5X smaller than a traditional terry cloth towel. Available in 3 sizes: 20x40, 28x56, and 32x72.
FAST DRYING AND SUPER ABSORBENT: The Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is made of 100% MicroFiber and dries up to 10X faster than normal terry cloth towels. MicroFiber can hold up to 4X its weight in water, so it is every bit as absorbent as a standard cotton towel, but only a fraction of the weight.
CONVENIENT HANGING LOOP: With a Convenient Hanging Loop you won't have to worry about finding a place to dry your Youphoria Sport Travel Towel. Rest assured that you can easily hang dry the towel anywhere for the fastest drying, leaving the towel fresh and ready for your next use. Never again worry about a dirty towel that fell on the ground at your campsite, at the gym, or at the pool.
MULTI-USE MAKES FOR THE PERFECT GIFT: The most exciting thing about the Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is that it has so many practical uses! Whether you are at the Gym, playing a round of Golf, relaxing at the Beach, hiking the Swiss Alps, or packing for your next Expedition across the globe, this towel is PERFECT FOR ANY SITUATION! This is why it makes the PERFECT GIFT for anyone living an active lifestyle.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We believe you should make the final decision on quality and performance! You can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE because Your Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can easily reach out to us for our Hassle-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, leaving you with ZERO RISK to try out this awesome towel for yourself!


  1. Seems like a really cool towel to use during or after exercising!

  2. Yes I enjoyed it a lot. Until my SO decided that it is now his because he does 'harder workouts' Oh well. It is getting a lot of use so I recommend it.