Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lootcrate FEAR Unboxing October 2014


As I am delving into the world of subscription boxes and reviews I came across another bloggers review of Lootcrate.  Actually I may have seen a tweet about it.  Don't remember... Well I clicked on something and am so happy that I did.  I purchased this(thanks to that person's affiliate discount code) October crate for my Mr Man.  Lootcrate is a subscription box for mostly gamers in mind.  Each month has a theme that the products are geared around.  Well October 2014 theme was Fear.  The previous years October Lootcrate's items were a lot of zombie themed items so I thought, what the, heck, maybe he will enjoy a few things and at least we will have fun opening it.  I did not tell him where his Halloween gift was coming from because I did not want him to have any spoilers.  Oh man was he surprised.
The first item was a t shirt in his size(you give them the size) that has a large skull on the front.  Okay.  But wait.  That skull is made up of dozens of cats!  Bwahahaha.  Mr. Man was not really into it at first.  But as time wore on he really thought it was funny.  Not wear outside of the house funny but will probably become the t-shirt of choice for watching the Walking Dead.

Next up was some 3D paper glasses, useful later we suspected.

Got the book How to Survive a Sharknado.  I was excited, Mr Man was a bit meh about it.  I thought it was great because we watched it together last summer.  It is a survival manual about how to live through many highly improbable scenarios.  Hey, you can never be too prepared.  Great little reads for a little downtime.

Next we got a little pin with the Lootcrate Fear title.  Moving on
Got a code for some SMITE skins sound pack things.  Apparently a gamer thing.  If someone wants the code just leave a message at the bottom of the page.
Got a Toxic Sour Candy.  Mr Man quote:  "They can't all be winners."

Next up was an art card of two cartoon men with the caption 'Oh Brother'. First real excitement from Mr Man.  This is a Walking Dead cartoon and pretty cool.

We got to the Lootcrate magazine next.  Now we know what the 3D glasses are for.  OH WOW.  Ok that is pretty cool and there is 3D artwork throughout the magazine.

Got some Slashes & Bites temporary tattoos.  These look pretty neat and Mr. Man liked them.

Next big excitement was an exclusive Lootcrate Walking Dead comic book(graphic book?)  Seemed to be a lot of excitement there.

Last was this pretty cool box.  We think from another video game, Dead Rising.  It is this amazing sledgehammer rotating saw weapon pen!  It is really high quality.  Very well made.  Mr Man said he can't wait to show it off.

Well I think this box was a huge success.  Especially as we are not gamers and there was only one small thing(the code) that was specifically for an online game.  I canceled the subscription as I do not think that the other themes are really our thing but I will definitely keep this in mind for next Halloween's gift.

The boxes are $13.37 plus S&H.  Total price $19.37.  You can order a monthly subscription or a multi month subscription for a discount.  I canceled after this delivery and the cancellation was quick and painless.  I recommend you check out the website and some of their themes.  The next one is BATTLE.  Should be cool!

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