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Old Factory Candles Review

Old Factory Candles can be found at
I was so excited to receive these Old Factory Candles in the mail.  I had seen posts about these candles and wanted to try them myself. Looking over the themed boxes I had set my heart on the Spa Day set.  When placing my order I happened to ask Mr Man his opinion on what would smell good.  He looked at the options and firmly said 'Vacation, that's what I want.'  What about the Spa Day set with the light and relaxing scents?  nope.  Well he has been a good sport with product reviews so I ordered the vacation as the three scents did sound nice and in the cold winter that will soon arrive I would be looking forward to some warm 
olfactory (get it?!) scents.  
Well when I got these in the mail I really liked the packaging.  The box is sturdy and compact and perfect for storage or gifting.  The printing on the outside is indicative of the the style of the candles.   The compact size and colors can blend in with most decor.  The look is a little rustic but will not look out of place in a modern styled room.  All three candles are independent scents that can stand by themselves or can be combined to give a lovely blended aroma throughout a room.  Each candle has a screw-top lid so you can recap and store or travel with.
All right, so how do they smell?  Well ask Mr Man and he responds 'nice.' (That was actually high praise from him for a non-manly item)
Don't worry I will also let you know my thoughts.  I found that smelling them right out of the jar was wonderful and relaxing.  The Awapuhi has a nice tropical floral like the flower of the same name.  I only know it from a shampoo I used to use.  The Hawaiian Lei scent is nice and light as well.  I really liked the Sea Breeze scent as it was very calming.  We lit the candles and soon we could smell the wafting aromas of the three candles.  The scents really blend well together.  The scent is lighter than expected but I was very happy that the scent was true and not over sweet or cloying.  
I found these candles to burn clean and evenly.  I have used these several days now and feel that I will get the full 20 hours out of each candle.

I believe these candles are a great addition to any home and with the variety of sets you can find something for everyone, even him!  These Old Factory Candle sets are perfect for gifting too.  The compact sturdy box are the types of gifts to have on hand for when you need an emergency gift.  I remember my mom always had 3-4 emergency gifts in a closet because you never know when a housewarming or birthday will pop up and you don't want the worry of getting an appropriate gift.  A friend just got some unpleasant news?  Well cheer her up with the Spa Day candles and relax and talk it out.  There are sets for the seasons and holidays like Hall Harvest, Happy Holidays, Winter Wonderland.  Sets for a man in mind so you can show that you are thinking about him like Man Cave and in my case Vacation.  Great everyday sets like Coffee Shop and Fresh & Clean. They even have tailored sets for whatever your hobbies are like 50 Shades, Romance, and High as a Kite!  I can't wait to get another several sets.  I think that Fresh Linen will become my travel candle of choice.  Maybe lemongrass....sea breeze... olive blossom...

Old Factory Candles
The size and screw-top make this the perfect travel candle!  How often do you walk into a hotel room and you are turned off by the smell that is not really your own.  You can take one or more and throw in your toiletry kit to make you room seem more like home.  I used to have to travel a lot for work and I would always pack a travel candle to make my mid-range hotel room seem more relaxing.  You can travel with your own scent and not pay the $55+ for a small high end travel candle tin!  Trust me, they are out there in the pages of glossy travel magazines.  
Well that is about it for my review.  Be sure to look at all the scents over at where they are available to be shipped to your home.  At $25 for a set of three candles they make a lovely gift or decorative item at home.

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