Friday, March 20, 2015

1.25oz Dot & Dot Travel Bottles Review

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I look for travel bottles every couple of years and I have found some that so a pretty good job.  But this set of travel bottles by Dot & Dot seem to have the whole package.  The bottles are easy to fill due to their wide mouth.  The bottles also have a suction cup so you can set them up while you shower.  A lot of hotel and hostel showers just do not provide very much in the way of toiletry shelving.  So the suction cup is a very thoughtful addition.  I also have purchased travel bottles that have the identifiers on them.  So you know which is shampoo, conditioner, face wash, etc.  Well you may think that you will remember when you are filling them; and you may the first couple times you use them.  but eventually you will forget which thing the green gel is.  The problem with most identifiers is that they will shift around.  So you can't trust what the mark says.  Other bottles can have an area where you can write on them.  the problem again is that they will always eventually rub off.  Well this set of travel bottles has a very sturdy ring that can not be shifted around when traveling.  The ring that helps identify what the liquid is can only be removed and shifted when the cap is off for refilling. 
The bottles hold 1.25 oz each.  You do want to make sure to not overfill bottles when you are flying with them.  This seems like a small amount but really is a good volume for travel for a week or more plus you have room in a bag for more in your travel case.  

I also like that these bottles have a nice little soft travel bag that can be used as your airline carry-on liquids bag.  I have go through so many travel bottles over the years and the normal price is $4-6 for each one.  So $19.97 seems a bit high but in reality having good set of travel bottles is a great price to pay.
  You can find out more about these Dot & Dot Travel Bottles and their other travel items at I hope you enjoyed reading my review and have a great day.  
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