Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Evian Facial Spray Review

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I remember the first time I saw Evian facial spray.  I was traveling to Europe for the first or second time.  I had a layover at Heathrow and had packed a washcloth so I could refresh myself after my first 10 hour flight.  I remember cleaning up and then looking over at a woman next to me who whipped out a small can of Evian spray, misted herself with a swirl, ran a comb through her hair and walked out. I thought about how glamorous she acted and how she was quickly refreshed after a long flight as I am clunkly trying to do the same.  I knew that this was the type of international jetsetter I wanted to be someday.  

I have been using Evian Facial Spray for years now.  I love how refreshing it makes my skin feel.  I like to keep a can of it in my desk drawer to revive my skin and brighten my makeup.  The mist is ultra fine so the tiny droplets mist onto my face without soaking it.  The mist is able to revive the makeup and keeps me from having to reapply in the afternoon.

evian® Facial Spray contains a pure, soft, natural mineral water with a totally unique mineral balance, and a neutral 7.2pH. These properties are why the spray is extremely compatible with the human body. evian® Facial Spray is suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive.
I recently found out how to use Evian Facial Spray while applying makeup when getting ready.  The facial spray is able to intensify my colors and give a more dramatic look of the same makeup for evening.  I can use the spray to my eyeshadow brush and then apply a more solid intense color to my lids.  I also use the Evian Facial Spray with my foundation brush to help blend my makeup after initial application to get a seamless transition from chin to neck.  I also am enjoying using the Evian facial Spray as a finishing mist instead of a matte power to give a youthful fresh look before leaving the house.  Especially as we are entering into warmer months, you need to make sure to not stay with the same heavy cold weather look.

The cans may look small but it really lasts.  The can is pressured with nitrogen so it does not harm the atmosphere.  You can find this product in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, from travel size of 1.7 oz, work size of 5oz, to a large work size of 10oz.  Like the evian drinking water, this is bottled at the source so it is free of any bacteria or contaminants.  It has been dermatologically tested and is hypo-allergenic.

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The exquisitely fine mist produced by evian® Brumisateur® penetrates and rehydrates the upper layers of the skin. evian® water has a unique mineral balance along with exceptional purity which suits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed. Dermatologically tested. The leak-proof canister is the ideal product to take on-the-go in any purse or travel bag. Unlike other water sprays, Evian Spray is sealed at the source, so it can not be contaminated.

Well  thank you for reading this review.  This is a product I have used for years.  I received this bottle in exchange for my review from the Wilkes Group


  1. I've been wanting to try this. Thank you for the review!

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