Friday, March 6, 2015

PopSugar Must Have January 2015 Review

I received my second PopSugar Must have Box and I am still happy with this subscription.  PopSugar has items for beauty, skin care, beauty, sometimes fitness, and always some sort of tasty treat.  The January box was well in the full theme of winter.  I like when a whole box seems joined together and flows so you can envision using all  the items in a month.

  • The first item I looked at is a full tub of Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty($28).  I am amazed by how moisturizing and repairing this cream is.  I see that it can be used for the face as well as everywhere else.  I have been using this cream on my hands and elbows.  the cream is non-greasy and long lasting.  I like that I have (with other treatments) seen a reduction in cracked cuticles; a problem I have in cold dry weather.
  • The next item is the Keep Cup($26).  Basically a travel cup but nothing like a travel cup!  This reusable cup was designed by baristas in Australia and they really took the time to create something that is really functional while fashionable.  The cup is tempered glass and 12 oz.  A removable rubber cuff that is pretty tightly on.  An awesome lid that is tight fitting with a great ergonomic drinking spout.  The more I read and use this cup the more I love it.  It is slosh proof and fits in car holders.  The Keep Cup has markers for 8 oz. and the full 12oz so baristas can make drinks accordingly.  This is a new staple for on the go.
  • My next item is the eye gel pads by ToGoSpa($12.50).  I love eye gel pads!  I have used eye pads for years and like the cooling/soothing feeling on my delicate under eye area.  This comes with 3 pairs.  A great addition for cold dry weather.  I like to keep mine in the fridge so I get additional cooling effects.  I found these pads to be pretty slippery so it is better recline on your back to keep these from sliding down your face.  Just read, light a candle, and let it go.  Also the foil was a real pain to peel back so open the package before you do anything that would make your hands a bit slick, like using hand cream.
  • Okay you have pampered yourself so now you need to calm by heating up with some hot yoga of a good workout.  The sQua Hand Towel by Manduka($16) is there to help you keep your poses from slipping due to sweaty hands.  A real problem for me.  I like this for vinyasa yoga so I can keep my hands in place.  
  • It's cold out so you had better cover your head when going outside.  the Pom Pom hat by Jack + Lucy is just what you need.  It is soft and slouchy with a imitation fur pom pom.  I have a ton of hats after living close to North Korea for 3 winters so I will probably put this in a giveaway.  be on the lookout! 
  • So now you are feeling great and these Skin Jewel Tattoos($18) will let you think about the warm weather that is right around the corner.  You get two sheets of fun designs of metallic temporary tattoos.  These temporary tattoos are perfect for a little highlight at the beach or music festival. 
  • Finally you have the chance to refuel with a full bag of Nature Valley Protein Granola($3.68).  This tasty Peanut butter & dark chocolate is great for snacking and you get 10 grams of protein in every serving.  Enough to really feel like the nutrition is there.  Plus it is super tasty.  

Well I hope you enjoyed this review.  You can subscribe HERE  by entering (affiliate link) and take $5 off your first box by entering the code:  MUSTHAVE5 or simply look at the website at
 I will most likely purchase the Ultra repair cream again and probably a Keep Cup for Mr. Man.  

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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  1. The Keep Cup looks awesome! I need a nice quality to-go cup! And have you considered larger photos for your reviews? I'd love to be able to see the items a little better. Your Pop Sugar reviews are all awesome, though - well written and informative!