Sunday, April 5, 2015

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Review

Have you entered my FabFitFun giveaway in the Hippity Hoppity Giveaway Hop?

I'm back with a new FabFitFun box.  This is the spring box that I just got this week.  FabFitFun is a subscription box that is filled with full sized products around the theme of Fab(beauty), Fit(fitness), and Fun(home & treats).  These boxes ship seasonally and are $49.99 each quarter.  I have the links and a coupon code at the bottom of this review.  The total of the box is at least $200 and seems to be usually over $300!  Crazy amount of value so even if you don't like some of the products you should find things that are of value and useful.

Let's start with the Fab beauty products:
Derma Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum by Palmetto($48):  This serum is supposed to increase collagen in your skin and slow down the aging process.  This has a light scent.  I have not tried it as I have already a few serums I am working through.  But I am looking forward to using this one as well.  Even if you are younger, you should be taking care of your skin with moisturizers and serums.  Old you will thank current you later.  
Nail BB Cream & nail polish by ORLY($15 & $8.50):  I have not seen a BB cream for nails before.  I immediately put it on.  This is supposed to smooth, moisturize, and brighten.  I am happy as I can grow nails like nobody's business, but as soon as I put on nail polish they get dry and can split.  I hope that this BB cream can help me out.  The polish is in 'Cake Pop'  a bit light for me.  I will probably trade this away but I do like ORLY colors in general.  
Eyeshadow brush duo by OFRA($45.90)  These 2 brushes are very nice.  The larger one I will use for concealer as it is firmer like my foundation brush.  The smaller brush I am using for shadows.  These professional brushes are 

Onto the Fit products
3 DVD set of Intense Body Blast by Merrithew($36):  These DVDs Give you workouts in STOTT Pilates using HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training).  These DVDs offer full mat workouts.  I'm happy to have these in my library.  
Merrithew giftcard($25):  This giftcard can be used at for their products.  Keep in mind most of the stuff is pricier, but if you are in the market for new equipment then this card will help.  

And now finishing out with the Fun!
Light scarf by Jules Smith($42):  I received the watercolor print.  I was not sure about this until I saw it in person.  It is a bit smaller and thinner than most scarves around these days.  I am happy when I saw it up close.  I like that this scarf will be able to pair with a lot of my casual clothing and the colors are less 80's dated in person.  I am happy and can even use this as an accessory scarf with my hair or with a bag.
World Cities Coasters set by the Rifle Paper Co.($16):  Yeah!  I have been looking for a set of coasters for Mr Man.  These are paperboard, which I actually like.  They are absorbent and will not harm my glasses or table.  Exactly what I want a coaster to do.  Some may not like that the coasters are not long lasting, but if you want, you can ModgePoge them to keep them longer.  But you will lose the absorbancy.  Until I find the perfect coasters for him; these are fantastic.  
Basil Seed Pod by Miracle grow($1.49):  This is why I love FabFitFun.  The variety of boxed items.  Perfect for spring and you can download an app to try to keep it alive.
Metallic Flash Tattoos by Yasi($36!):   Yes, the tattoos are nice, but there is NO WAY they are more than $7 for one sheet of tattoos.  I seem to be saturated in flash tattoos and have been looking at non-skin  ways to use these up.  

But wait, there's more!
Carmel Puffed Corn snacks by Cosmos Creations.  I remember eating them & liking them.  Also a couple gift cards.  Vow to be Chic $125 card for dress rental.  this is a bridesmaid rental website where you have to rent one and basically get one free.  Good if you have a wedding coming up or a weekend where you need a couple dresses.  Also a $40 off a subscription to HelloFresh meal/menu packages.  

So a total of over $250 again without the giftcards(and the tattoos).  Pretty great in my eyes.  You can order a subscription here:  (affiliate code, I get credit)and use cupon code:  NEW5 for $5 off your first box.  Or you can just go to and find out more yourself.  

Thank you for reading and have a great day!  


  1. Lots of fun stuff in here, great review!!

  2. Thanks! I love how the box has so much in it.