Monday, April 13, 2015

La Pedi Bon Review

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  This post contains affiliate links.*

I want to tell you all about my experience with this La pedi-Bon callous remover.  This callous remover comes with everything you need to have smooth feet(without 2 AA batteries).  You even get two roller stones so you can share with a friend or replace when yours wears out.  You even get a cover for the roller ball and a little brush to clean the machine.  I do wish there could be included a little bag to store all the parts in.  I found one around the house to use, but including one would be perfect.

After inserting the batteries and turning the machine on I found that this machine has some strength behind it.  I decided to try this out the first time after a shower so my callus were soft and ready for removing.  I found this callus remover to be effective.  The motor is powerful and does not quit when you apply pressure to your heels.  I also like that the grit is not so rough that there is pain or tearing of my feet like some metal greater-pediegg style callus removers.  The yucky thick heel skin peeled off easily into dust.  I decided to not show that picture.  I would recommend doing this over a hand towel because the callus dust builds up and knocks off onto the towel makes for easier cleanup.  I did a couple times feel the grinding roller get hot if I kept the roller on one spot for too long.  I would recommend that you slowly move the roller and go back to the different areas you need until your heel and toe calluses are gone.  Each time I have used this I have not had the motor get hot or quit.  I did notice that a couple days after using the machine I had some unsightly side heel skin peeling.  I was able to file it down with a hand filer.  I had this happen a couple times more since using this machine.
Overall I am happy with this La Pedi Bon machine.  I do follow up using the remover with a little filing to get my feet super smooth.  I like how powerful this callous remover is and recommend it for removing your toughest skin.

One thing that I highly recommend is that you use a foot cream after using the machine on your feet.  I have found that this improved the look of my feet in sandals a lot.  I have been using Burt's Bees Coconut foot creme on my heels.   There is a peppermint foot cream by Avon this does a good job as well.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.
From the Company
  • SPA RESULTS ~ Electronic callus remover gives professional spa results without going to salons.
  • MEN ~ In one day of average walking, forces impacting your feet can total hundreds of tons. That's the weight of a fully loaded cement truck.
  • WOMEN ~ Women are four more times likely to have feet problems. This is oftentimes due to shoes with the priority of cute over comfortable.
  • BREATH ~ There are 3 million sweat glands in the dermis of the adult foot. Feet need to breathe to operate properly. Unclog pores so feet can breathe.
  • BONUS ~ La P├ędi Bon battery operated foot care tools are easy on the feet and comes with an extra roller, cleaning brush, complete instructions, cover for the roller and the ebook, "The Foot Book". Your complete satisfaction or money back- guaranteed!

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  1. would it be safe on people with diabetes? we haft to be careful on what we use on it.