Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nutraplex Pineapple Coconut & Megaberry Bar Review

*I received these products for review purposes in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review. *

I got the opportunity to try out each of these two energy bars.  I like to have portability with my nutrition so I am able to get a nutritious meal replacement before or after a workout.  Both of these bars are made with all natural ingredients that do not need my amazing power of the Google to decipher.  The first two ingredients in these bars are dates & Chia seeds.  When you bite into them you will know that this is the truth.  The mashed date is definitely the binder for this bar.  The Chia seeds are mostly whole so be sure to chew as much as possible so you can get the benefits from them.  The first bar i tried was the Pineapple coconut.  The main taste was coconut and date.  I had to concentrate to get the pineapple taste.  The bar was pretty easy to chew and was soft.  The flavor was not really for me and after about half the bar I was finished.  The chia seeds do tend to get stuck and then swell in your teeth so make sure that you brush or floss about 20 minutes after eating these bars.  The megaberry was a lot better tasting for my palette.  the megaberry bar had a strong cranberry flavor and again the Chia seeds got stuck in my teeth.  I did get a bit more energy and not a sugar crash after an hour of eating this bar.  I like that there are no mystery ingredients, but normally look for more protein in a meal replacement bar.   You can find more information and can purchase these and other flavors of bars at http://nutraplex.com/index.php/

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